Coming Home…

I have a lot of guilt about working full time and only seeing my girls 2 to 3 hours a day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, and so I’ve come up with a list of ways to make coming home a big deal! As I’m riding home from work I get excited about seeing those little faces and hearing about their day. Yes I’m tired, yes I’m not super happy with my day but we get so little time together that I want to make it a positive experience.

  1. Be happy to see them. Walk in the door happy and acknowledge them immediately.
  2. Hug them, kiss them, say I love you and missed you, get down on their level
  3. Find out how their day was and listen. Talk about your day too, as long as it ins’t just complaining (they have missed you and don’t want to hear about adult problems).
  4. Sit down with them and talk. Not just about their day but anything, open communication is huge. Sometimes we just crawl into my bed and snuggle.
  5. Do homework if needed. If the homework is done, look it over and talk about it.
  6. Make dinner and invite them to help
  7. Have dinner together and talk extensively about their day, their emotions, who they played with, what classes they had, how their afternoon was, did they have fun with the babysitter. I also like to make sure they know what to expect for the rest of the night such as bath, games, stories, bed, etc. This time of the day is actually one of our most fun because dinner time is silly time!
  8. Take baths
  9. Play a game or make art
  10. Get ready for bed
  11. Read stories, hug kiss, sweet dreams, I love yous.

Our schedule isn’t perfect and I miss them so much but if things must be this way, then we must make the most out of the time we have!




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