Birthday Wishes to the only man in my house, in my house!


39 years ago my man was born, and if he knew I was writing this he would totally hate it! Well, too bad because today I’m going to honor your birth baby! Join me on a wild ride of pics and gushyness to celebrate this guy!

screamy jason

posey jason

I met Jason in 1998, just a wee lad of 21 years old. He was driving a beat up Jetta, played in a punk band, was attending art school, painted and had an attitude I couldn’t resist. I pretty much hated him at first because I thought he was pompous, rude and solipsistic but I was intimidated and really, really attracted to him! We fought endlessly for that first week until we finally gave in and I moved in (which is totally my style, not his)!



Our lives have changed so much since we met 17 years ago including moving to Brooklyn, having two babies, moving to California, moving back to Brooklyn and getting crazy old! One thing that has not changed is his desire for knowledge and his quest for adventure, it is probably one of his most attractive qualities. Over the years he has played music, played sports, written for blogs, joined social justice movements, painted, biked, hiked, backpacked, fished, surfed, husbanded and fathered. I’ve often referred to him as a Renaissance man (or a polymath) because I’ve always been amazed at what he can do. I used to compete with him but after losing almost everything, every time, I gave up and decided to be his groupie instead!



Life with a man this talented and smart can be difficult (can you imagine the ego) but it is never boring. He keeps me on my toes, pushes me forward and challenges me to no end. I see so much of him in our children which freaks me out and excites me at the same time. Emma has that annoying habit of being good at everything she tries, and the desire to be good at everything she tries. She has endless talent and the personality that forces her into the dark side when things don’t go well. Adeline is very internal and has so much imagination and creativity. She is musically gifted and has great comic timing (which definitely came from dad) but she struggles to be social in new situations. I imagine both of these girls going far in life because they have his drive, his smarts, his good looks, his adventurous spirit and his humor.



All of my greatest memories have been with this man and I really don’t remember a time he wasn’t there. The beginning of our relationship was just us and for 10 years we got to be selfish, adventurous and wild. The past 7 have been shared with two wonderful people that we created. They have refused us the relationship we once had but from the moment he held his children, he became a more complicated, sensitive and loving person.

jason as dad




They give him shit constantly and think of him more as a punching bag than a cuddling bag (that’s me) but these girls look to him every day, and see a man who is caring, supportive, fun, smart and badass! May we all remember to tell you this more often, and learn to support you as much as you support us!


So I leave you with this Jason. May you have a wonderful day and many more kick ass birthdays! We LOVE you!!!


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