As the Cyclist Turns: Brooklyn Edition



This is my first installment of As the Cyclist Turns but probably not my last!

Like all work day mornings, I dropped the girls off at school and hopped on my bike to ride to work. Commuting by bike is a crazy endeavor in NYC and as I’ve learned over the past year, there is no shortage of insanity on the roads. This morning, I was taking the normal route when I noticed another rider salmoning (going the wrong way) up the bike lane. This is not out of the ordinary in Brooklyn because many people don’t understand how the bike lanes work. As I got closer to the rider, I noticed he was riding erratically and yelling at the cyclists riding past. As he got closer to me he began screaming at me to get out of the way and as he passed he spit in my face. Now spit is probably the most disgusting substance in existence and my kryptonite. It makes me crumple into fits of emotion and this was no exception, as soon as this happened I stopped. I needed to gather myself and figure out what the hell had just happened. I turned around to see where he went and saw him trying to run other riders off the road. My husband was behind me and something about him made Mr. Crazy jump off of his bike. He dropped his bike, started chasing and punching after my husband and screaming about “white fuckers”. When he couldn’t take out his aggression on a person he began kicking and punching a parked car, leaving huge dents. We didn’t stick around to see what happened next because clearly this person was looking to hurt someone.

We took off and headed to work. When I got to my office I called the local precinct to give them a description because I’m sure this man will strike again. Anyway, here’s a brief description in case you come into contact. Tread lightly, he is volatile.

Caucasian Male, early to mid-thirties, 5’11, stocky build, tan, curly brown hair, baggy t-shirt and basketball shorts and he is riding a mountain bike around the Greenpoint area. If you see this guy, watch the F out!

Let’s just hope he gets help.